Today, ever developing proceeding of science and technology and medical knowledge with the aim of meeting the demands and needs of human to achieve experience and knowledge, has caused the medicine science to come in line with medical equipment so that these two, are complements and could develop, in accompany of each other. Meanwhile, high importance of providing medical services for comfort of patients in most societies has highlighted the role of medical equipment. 

As the most widely used medical instrument and because of direct contract of the operators with hospital beds, this equipment are of special importance & has highlighted role in providing satisfaction and comfort to patients and medical staff. Endurance, strength and ease of application are outstanding features of these instruments. Given that hospital beds are included in the category of hospital hoteling, "beauty" is of special importance and, of course, in this modern world, the combination of art & technology, is a strategy which will cause improvement and manufacturing of products that not only will satisfy the consumer's needs in terms of efficiency, longevity and quality, but also psychologically and aesthetically. Sina has based his mission on this. In his mind introduction of a beautiful and innovative product will finally grant the beauty of hospital’s cold and stressful environment.

   we are aggressively investing to ensure our customers that we are well positioned not only for using the newest technology, experienced staff, innovation and the art of creativity but also special features of our products based on patients and caregiver’s demands.

  Mr. Hamdollah Ghazanfari founder of Sina group of companies, started his activity in the field of medical equipment since 1971, with the name of Sina Metal Industries. Today after 40 years and with the name of Sina Hamd Aria, which is a private joint stock company that produces hospital hoteling equipment and mainly hospital beds, in the area over 15000 m2. Sina owns more than 30% of market share and is the leading supplier. 

Sina unique system of management is led by participatory management and expert forces.
Sina participatory management system is based on establishing teams of strategic councils of quality and collaborative teams of scope & brand which are guided by indirect supervision of the board of directors.
Strategic council:  Composed of middle-rank and senior managers with the aim of leading and fulfilling predetermined strategies.
Collaborative & brand teams. Consist of creative & idea- generating members for matters related to partnership in order to reduce costs, submit policies and manage Sina brand.
Scope Team: surveys & monitors the market and manages the contact with the costumers and consists of sales experts and senior managers.
Quality team: Consists of representatives of manufacturing, engineering, quality control, sales and after sales services, with the aim of supervising and monitoring the quality of products, packaging, handling complaints and comments of customers in groups.